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Resume/Steve Jones

Steve Jones
Frisco, Colorado
Phone #: 1.970.389.6158 (message)

-2 years Community College-Cabrillo College- Aptos, California-- Studies: Astronomy, Art, Photography, Martial Arts
-1 year California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo, California-- Studies: Solar Engineering/Technology, Alternative Energy
-3 years University of California Santa Cruz- Santa Cruz, California-- Graduated Dec 1984: B.A. Environmental Studies/International Sustainable Development
-1 year College of the Siskiyous- Mt Shasta, California-- Studies: Computer Science/Web Publishing/Computer Applications/MacIntosh/Wireless Communications


-Jorge Leviendo Landscaping Company
Job Description: Landscaping, Pruning, Bricklaying, Planting, Sprinkler Systems, Lighting Installation, Carpentry, Gardening and General Maintenence.
Santa Cruz, California. From 1978-1982. \\$5.00/hr.

-2 years organizing Anti-Apartheid activittties (for South Africa) at 3 major Universities; UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and CU Boulder. Brought in speakers, conducted Non-Violent Civil Disobedience actions and distributed educational materials. From 1982-1984

-US Forest Service/ California Division of Forestry
Job Description: Clearing Roads, Cutting Down, Pruning and Planting Trees, Controlled Burns, Cutting Fire Lines to fight Forest Fires using a variety of hand and mechanical tools. Felton and Big Sur California. From 1980-1986

-2 years organizing/supporting Native American rights for the Navaho/Hopi peoples of Northern Arizona. Involved and directed political, educational and material support for those resisting forced relocation from their traditional homeland. From 1986-1988. Rocky Mountain Peace Center, Boulder, Colorado.

-Broker Inn/Hotel
Job Description: Desk/Phone Clerk and Housekeeping- Cleaning Rooms. From 1986-1988. Boulder, Colorado. \\$6-7.00/hr

-Tavernas Terzakes (Greek), Harvest House (Natural), Jose Muldoon's (Mexican) Restaurants
Job Descriptions: Dishwashing, Food Prep, Cook, Busing and Cleaning. On and off from 1984-1990. Boulder, Colorado. \\$5-7.50/hr

-5 years Anti-Nuclear Work. Distributing Nationally and Internationally information and fliers exposing U.S. Nuclear FIRST STRIKE policy. Non-Violent Direct Actions and arrests at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant in Colorado, the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington State, a Trident II design/production center in central California, the Falcon and Peterson Air Force Bases/U.S. Space Command (Star Wars) facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Nevada Test Site, Nevada, The Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and MX Nuclear Missile Silos in Wyoming. From 1984-1990

-Left Hand Books and Records
All Volunteer Collective- Ordering, Selling, Cataloging and Stocking Books, Records, CD's and various crafts. From 1986- 1992. Boulder, Colorado

-ECO-CYCLE Recycling Center- Distributing Plastic recycling Bins to every household in Boulder, Colorado. $9.00/hr Boulder, Colorado 1989-1990

-Rainbow Juices
Job Description: Preparing, Cleaning and Cutting Carrots for Carrot Juice production. From 1990-1992. Boulder, Colorado. \\$7/hr

-2 years Global Environmental work distributing nationally and internationally information and fliers on the issue of Global Survival. Issues stated- the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and war, the problems of overpopulation, global poverty, diminishing global water resources, and the atrocity that allows millions of people worldwide to needlessly and ruthlessly perish from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition. Threats to the global environment also addressed, including CO2 build-up and greenhouse gases as a result of the hydrocarbon economy. Deforestation, desertification, ozone depletion, species loss, global air, water and soil pollution and urbanization/transportation problems were also stated. From 1990-1992.

-Rocky Mountain Sage Company
Job Description: Cutting, Drying, Rolling and Selling Sage Sticks from New Mexico nationwide. From 1992- 1997. Boulder, Colorado. Pay- Variable, depending on Harvest and Season.

-Middle East Peace Work
Efforts to Unify the 3 Great Monotheistic Religions of the Earth- Judaism, Christianity, Islam. National and International distribution of information and fliers promoting Middle East Peace with specific focus on Israel and Jerusalem. Networking with Peace groups, institutions, governments, peoples and nations worldwide. From 1993-2001 (and continuing)

-Rocky Mountain Temps
Job Descriptions: Various assignments at factories, warehouses and businesses throughout Boulder County. Plastics, Upholstery, Apartment Cleaning etc. From 2001-2002. Boulder/Longmont Colorado. \\$7-9/hr

-Boulder Natural Foods Co-op Market
Job Description: Outreach Volunteer Coordination, Tabling, Door to Door leafletting, writing articles, distributung literature, networking with national/international cooperatives, providing foundational support and help to initiate the Co-op's fundraising activities and opening.
From 2001- 2002 Boulder, Colorado//

-Global Editorial/Commentary Article Writing
Job Description: Developing Web Pages on the Internet and E-Mailing them to major media sources all over the Planet. Subjects: Earth Summit 2002, Global Water Crisis, International Sustainable Development, Global Warming, Global Poverty/Overpopulation, The New Nuclear Threat, Global Homelessness, Global Electromagnetic Radiation, Diet for a New World, Middle East Peace etc...
From 2000- 2005 (and continuing)

Graphic Arts/Printing Shops
Various temporary assignments throughout the years. Bindery, collation, insertion, paper cutting, logo design, printing and general print shop work.
From 1985-2002 (on and off)-Pay: $7-10/hr
Santa Cruz, California and Boulder, Colorado

-Beaver Run Ski Resort
Premiere Resorts, Breckenridge, Colorado
Job Description: Stocker/Housekeeping Department.
Temporary assignment 7-8/2005 // $8.50/hr

-Earth Flags International
purchasing, advertising and selling Earth Flags throughout the world
Based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and the US Mainland
2005-2006 (and continuing)

-Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Skateboarding, Reading, Internet
-The Neverending Story, 10 Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth, Dersu (Russian) and Lawrence of Arabia
-Enya, Ofra Haza, Vangelis, Kitaro, Neil Young, 80's Rock and All Reggae
-Canada, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Israel, Europe and New Zealand